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Logica Emotica [LOG-ic-uh e-MO-tic-uh] is a Bonte game first teased on Bart Bonte's Twitter on March 24 and released around midnight at the prime meridian (GMT) on June 7, 2022.


Logica Emotica is an emoji-infused puzzle game like Sokoban—moving objects to defined locations. The controls are similar to the colour games, except with 2 new buttons: a Restart Level (looks like a curved arrow starting at 10 o'clock and ending at the previous hour, introduced in pink (game)) button and an Undo button (has 3 arrows, can be used indefinitely). The first two buttons appear immediately when the level does, but the others appear after the first swipe.

NOTE: The help reveals the solution; use only when in dire need.

There are 7 OSTs, one for the menu and the others for the levels, but only 3 (Theme 1, Menu, and Theme 3 respectively) were revealed before the official release. This means Logica Emotica takes the crown for most OSTs used from Farafalla, which had 3.


The game has a high mobile and Steam and good online rating, but barely has popularity, possibly because of the Flash extinction. It has coastal-city synth music.


Level Colour Scheme
(bg, tiles)
Emojis Used Task Tips/Guide
1 Black chocolate,
army green
Potable Water
Cherry Blossom*
Find some water in the desert! You may push the stones.
3 Black, onyx Woman Cook (Dark)
Serve some pizza! Just don't push the pizza onto an edge
that does NOT have the plate.
9 Same as 3 Unicorn
Cherry Blossom**
Make some fertile flowers! You can't walk off or over flowers if
you don't want to restart.
13 Same as 3 Smiley Cat
Broken Heart
Adhesive Bandage
Yellow Heart*
Heart Eyes Cat*
Mend the broken hearts! You can't push any hearts, but you need
the spaces they create.

Push one bandage next to the other.

17 Same as 4 4, but also with
Pointing Left
Level 4 but with 2 hands. Position the hand pointing left first,
going ABOVE the hand pointing right.
18 Same as 3 Thumbs up
Set up a thumbs-up pyramid! Move all left, down 3, right 2,
all down, right, all down, right 2.
19 Same as 3 Dancer
Male Dancer (Dark)
Protrusive Star
Get into dancing positions! The solution is on Bonte's Twitter.
26 Same as 2 ()^ No Evil
Ear (Medium Light)
Monkey Face*
Align what each monkey is
hiding with the icons.
Get See No Evil above the other two.
32 Same as 3 Hushed
Blue Book
Make the punctuation red! Move the question mark
down and to the left.
38 Same as 3 Same as 9 Same as 9 Start in the middle and go up.
40 Same as 4 4, but also with
Pointing Up
Level 4 but with 3 hands. The solution is on Bonte's Twitter.

*Only appears after level completion
**Appears in most cases, but not all the time, excluding after completion
^Multiple emojis have the same name but in different forms.


  • This game, along with the previous Bonte game, uses the Rubik font, which is the default font for Fandom (although it's known as Arial).
  • The designs of the emojis came from the Emoji Keyboard - Emojis for Chrome extension.
  • Like Factory Balls (PC/Mobile), it is available on Steam.
    • 2 weeks after the release, Bonte launched a demo on Newgrounds and CrazyGames with the first 25 levels.
  • It was formerly considered an adventure game.
  • Some of the levels seen in the trailers were unofficial.
    • The books in Level 32 have changed from being piled as blue, green, and red in an enclosed section to being a single blue book spanning the entire screen, and the background has altered from Caput Mortuum to pure black.
    • The cacti in Level 38 were once trees, and the background was changed to black.
    • Level 40 had the character and hand pointing to the right in a different position in the teasers.
  • The title is not capitalized on an iOS home screen, albeit doing so in the App Store (see Gallery).
  • Each track plays on (level mod 6).
  • Level 31 is a reference to Halloween, which takes place on the 31st of October.
  • This and Words For a Bird are the only 2020's Bonte games that use lowercase letters inside the game itself.
  • If you tap rapidly through the outro, as soon as the credits page appears, you will no longer be able to interact with the game.
  • Due to how long Bart Bonte is designing his game now as opposed to back when he began his development career, this may be the only Bonte game of 2022.